Our background

Cardiff based Bombastic, formed in 2OO7 by Artistic director Sean Tuan John explores the interface between live arts and digital media, creating bold, imaginative work for young people aged 7-16.

Over the past 16 years, Bombastic has successfully delivered 9 national tours of five full-length productions which includes substantial and highly successful participatory dance drama workshops; alongside this Bombastic created and commissioned associated digital online games.

Since Bombastic started in 2OO7 we have engaged with and benefitted well over 53,OOO young people, families and teachers with our performances, workshops and online games and have grown our online audiences through our digital work in the last 3 years by over 23O,OOO+ views on our YouTube channel and social media.

In Wales, there are few companies undertaking work for young people that features live performance, digital arts and promotes bilingualism and encourages young people to engage and get creative through Welsh and English.

Bombastic are working with young people across Wales to get creative with the company and appear in high quality digital work that can be enjoyed and viewed in Wales and the world to show how innovative and dynamic our nation really can be!!

Our work is all about nurturing young creative talent in Wales and creating new collaborative projects between young people and professionals to re-envisage this working relationship where young people and professionals can work together in new ways and promote young talent on both the regional, national and international stage through digital means.